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So Many Uses for Coconut Oil

Cooking and Eating

  1. Cooking at high-heat temperatures – safe for that.  Some oils are unsafe to cook with at high temperatures and can go rancid after awhile  
  2. Eat one teaspoon every morning.  It’s delicious, healthy and great for your digestion  
  3. Add one tablespoon to your smoothies.  It’s healthy and delicious
  4. Use coconut oil for baking instead of vegetable oil
  5. Use in your coffee – mix with a little butter – then add a little nutmeg, vanilla, and cinnamon for flavored coffee
  6. Use instead of butter on your toast
  7. Popping popcorn – mix coconut oil with sea salt for a topping

Coconut Oil for Skin Care

  1. Facial scrub – mix with Himalayan salt
  2. Body scrub – mix with sugar
  3. Eye makeup remover – healthier, stronger and longer eyelashes are a bonus
  4. Diaper rash cream – apply daily to your baby’s bottom to improve skin health
  5. Dry feet treatment – mix with Himalayan salt to make a foot scrub

Coconut Oil for Hair Care

  1. For a conditioner – leave in overnight.  Rub a small amount into hair – mostly ends – comb through and put in a loose bun – wash out in the morning
  2. Tame flyaway hair – use very sparingly on areas with flyaways
  3. Static Reducer – rub your hands together with a little bit of coconut oil and run through staticky hair

Coconut Oil for Pets

  1. Add a small amount to their food
  2. Put a ½ teaspoon on your cat’s paw to keep a shiny coat and cut down on hairballs

The benefits for your overall health is reason enough to use coconut oil in your daily life.

  • Helps curb your appetite
  • Can help prevent Alzheimer’s
  • Promotes heart health
  • Improves digestion
  • Improves oral health
  • And so much more…  

Sharon Smith with Body and Skin Health – Your Health & Wellness Coach

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