About Sharon Smith

I love to help people and believe that your health is your greatest asset. I believe that you need to be "proactive" with your health - not "reactive." Today's foods do not contain the nutrients that they did years ago, and with all the added chemicals to our food, our bodies don’t know how to break them down and process them, so, in turn, what happens is we end up deficient in nutrients and this leads us into health issues.

It’s unfortunate that we live in the richest country with the sickest people on so many pharmaceutical drugs. I feel that people make bad choices in the foods that they eat because we simply live such fast-paced lives with so much stress, and we just don’t take the time for ourselves.

My goal is to educate people on the importance of eating the right foods eliminating the added sugars and chemicals and getting the correct nutrition. By doing this, you will get a healthier body. When we put in the right nutrition in our bodies, we will feel and look better!

A closer look

Sharon is the mother of two grown sons and grandma to 2 amazing grandchildren. Married for 38+ years to her husband Jeff Smith. Born and raised in Wisconsin, she had a long career as a hair salon owner and stylist before retiring and changing her career path. Her family is what drives this Entrepreneurial woman. She loves to travel, enjoys long walks on the beach, making friends where ever she goes and spending quality time with her family.

As a Nutrametrix consultant Sharon loves to work with healthcare professionals because people are more knowledgeable now than ever. Concerned about their health so they are asking the important questions of their healthcare provider’s and not wanting to be on so many pharmaceutical drugs. Getting to the root of the problem, so together we can create a very educational environment to answer their needs.