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April 23, 2018
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June 11, 2018
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Do you feel tired all the time?

You’re not alone! “According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), around 15.3 percent of women and 10.1 percent of men regularly feel very tired or exhausted in the United States.”

Here’s a few reasons why and what you can do to change it:

  • Not enough sleep

People that are between 18-60 need 7 hours of sleep a night to promote optimal health. I know we all know those people that say they only need a few hours of sleep a night, but truth be told they are probably suffering from some sort of issue that they may not realize is going on; such as obesity, high blood pressure, depression and the possibility of a shortened life. Our bodies need good sleep to heal and regenerate.

  • Lacking a proper diet

You want to make sure you are getting in the right amount of veggie, fruits, grains and protein. Limit your intake of sugars. It will give you that burst of energy but it’s only short lived and then you’ll have the crash, which will make you more sluggish in the end. Drink plenty of water. You need, on average, half your bodyweight in ounces every day to maintain a healthy balance. Eat your regular meals and two snacks to keep your blood sugars balanced throughout the day.  

  • Get out and move – take in some fresh air

Take a walk during the day, not only to breathe in some fresh air but also to clear your mind. Take deep breaths in and blow it out. Do this several times. This will add more oxygen to your body. That alone will be refreshing and rejuvenating. Take a bike ride, go for a run, swim, or some activity outdoors to promote some exercise and get fresh air.

  • Eliminate stress

Now, that’s a tough one! Everyone has some sort of stress in their life. Knowing how to handle it and not let it control you is the secret. Learn to say ‘no’!  Most of us try to do it all and not disappoint anyone, but we all know that we have limitations and learning to say ‘no’ sometimes is the right thing to do for you! Learn to communicate your concerns instead of keeping them in. Learn to forgive and not carry that burden around everyday, and most of all …  accept the things you cannot change.

Sharon Smith with Body and Skin Health – Your Health & Wellness Coach.

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