Missy Hargreaves

Sharon is wonderful to work with! She listens to your needs and makes great recommendations. I use the Isotonix and also skin care. Love the Lumiere cleanser and Motives makeup! Clean and oil free! Custom blended make it perfect!!

Barbara Proia

Sharon is incredibly knowledgeable and very encouraging. She takes the time to get to know you to help you achieve your personal health goals.

Naida Cerrito

Sharon is very knowledgeable and sweet. She really cares about her customers!

Kimberly Schiavo

Sharon keeps me on track and up to date on my orders, refills and what is upcoming and new in her industry. As an added benefit, she shares some really great healthy recipes!

Susan Boldt

Sharon has been working endlessly trying to help me with my health issues. She even had Dr Cheryl Duchess do a phone consultation to figure out what course of treatment would be beneficial. I can't thank her enough on all the efforts she has made. I'm on a full course of vitamins & supplements that I have great confidence will improve my issue. She even has shared some outstanding healthy recipes that even my husband liked! She is very Knowledgeable & Caring and would highly recommend her!

Sherri Smiddy

Sharon truly cares about helping people get and stay healthy. She is knowledgeable about what our bodies need, and takes the time to educate as well as to listen and understand her clients needs.

Anna Simeone

I have been taking supplements for 1 year now and I feel fabulous! Sharon Smith is always available to help with my concerns and guide me in the right direction. Thanks to Sharon, I feel much healthier and energetic!!

Kristen Smith

I have been ordering and using the Isotonix prenatal vitamins from Sharon for the past year. I started taking them when trying to conceive. I absolutely love this product and Sharon! The taste of the vitamin is good and I never got morning sickness which I contribute to the Isotonix vitamin. I am very conscience about what I put in my body (especially while pregnant) and the quality of this vitamin is top notch!

Jennifer Saner

Sharon has been a life saver. She really LISTENS to you and your needs. She then makes suggestions on healthy things you can do to help your health. She is not pushy but informative. She checks in to see how you are doing in a supportive way. Never judgemental and always my biggest cheerleader! She really CARES about you and your family. I have incorporated many of the Isotonix products into my life. The vitamins and OPC3 are amazing and I honestly cannot live without them! From weight management, sleep, healthy eating, vitamins/minerals, exercise,...you name it...she's got something that will help you feel better and stay healthy. Ask her about the liquid Aloe for when you are sick! You can thank me later!

Bob Pictor

Sharon and Jeff have been working with us to get on the right plan. We are very happy with everything. So personal and helpful. Much better than the big store stuff. The Smiths are so Great

Robert Marsh

Full of resources, you won’t find a more caring consultant than Sharon. She’s always looking to help.

Linda Simon

My testimony for Trim Tea. Want to drop your inflammation (which causes diabetes, cancer, heart issues, pain, etc.), get better lab results, drop weight, and feel better? Get a product called TRIM TEA from Sharon Smith! I started on it December 1. One pack poured into water a day. Started seeing and feeling results by January. By the end of March, I've lost 12 pounds (I also changed my diet to Ketogenic January 1), look different - swelling has gone down in my face and body, no more bloating, my tummy area has reduced dramatically and almost every one of my lab results is now in the normal range. My C-Reactive Protein went from 5.1 to 1.7. C-Reactive Protein blood test can be used to evaluate your risk of developing coronary artery disease. My father had three heart attacks and open heart surgery. My grandfather had five heart attacks and finally a pacemaker. My brother has atrial fibrillation. I was going down that path. When I don't drink it, I know immediately. I feel the bloated swelling. Thanks SHARON for introducing me to it.

Sharon - I LOVE Lumière de Vie Volcanic Exfoliating Mask! It's easy to use...I like that it feels like a mask (sort of clay like) but then instead of wiping it off when it dries, you add a little water and rub it back in which exfoliates the skin - I feel like I'm getting two products in one. Afterwards, my skin feels TIGHT - I love it! I am a frugal shopper and was pleasantly surprised to see how much you get for the money - just another plus! Thanks Sharon for introducing this line to me!

‎Matty Green

Are you looking for someone who genuinely cares about your health? Sharon Smith has a true passion for helping people get healthy! She knows what she's talking about, and will help you if you let her!

Stacy Hansen

I absolutely endorse these products! After taking Isotonics for two years, my blood sugar and blood pressure have gone down AND my cholesterol. Thank you, Sharon, for your education and guidance for all of us to lead a healthier lifestyle!

Amanda Sadler

My whole family has been using the Isotonix line for a few years now. A few of our favorite products include the OPC-3 and the Multivitamins. The OPC-3 is a game changer! It tastes great, gives you more energy, and gives a boost to your immune system. My husband and I have taken several multivitamins in the past and they have made our stomachs hurt and had a feeling of nausea shortly after taking. The Isotonix multivitamin is gentle on our stomachs and you can actually feel a difference in your body while taking the supplements. Our 4 year old loves the OPC-3 chews and the DNA miracles chewable multivitamin. I feel it gives her the extra protection she needs during the winter months and all the sickness that goes around the daycare. Overall we are very happy with the products and would highly recommend use for the whole family!